It is a great pleasure to share my art with you. Since the completion of my formal education, I have spent innumerable hours in the act of spirit-filled creation.

As an intuitive artist, my ecstatic experiences have led me far beyond my personal psychology and the world of appearances into the realm of symbolism– which is defined as the revelation or suggestion of intangible conditions or truths by artistic invention.

Through this guiding channel that emanates from centers beyond my conscious control, artwork is created that stimulates the receptive viewer with ideas and feeling-messages. The intention of the work is to reveal burgeoning incorporeal levels of reality through archetypal imagery and magnanimous visions of unity.

Creative endeavors can lead us to addressing our general concept of life and the realization that it is also a vitally amazing enigma in which the possibilities for protean differentiation are open-ended.

Art is true and beautiful when it freely expresses symbols of inherent reality that light our way to a deeper experience of our humanity.


American, mixed-media visual artist, b.1948, Fond du Lac, WI., USA. Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design-Fine Art Degree 1971.

After my formal art education, I returned to California where I had lived for a time as a child. My creative development continued through commercial design projects, fine art production and gallery representation highlighted by an extensive one-person show in San Francisco.

Colorful abstract works resulted from this period of paintings and drawings. Created with luminous color and geometric design, they express a youthful visionary quality that reflects an enlightened optimism for life and the future.

As my work matured into the 1990s, archaic primal motifs became more prevalent through the use of common sculptural materials, subdued coloration and sensuous textural effects. A range of shamanistic themes displaying a sense of sacred timelessness were elaborated through an increasingly three dimensional method.

Integrating both the immediacy of my colorful abstract and eternal archaic styles has continued into the new millennium. Working during a decade in the community where I was born in the Midwestern USA, I fostered the development of the visual arts through fundraising, community projects and several inaugural event one-person art shows.

I have been able to emerge toward wider cultural exposure through national and international travel to the southwestern USA, Spain and Mexico. More recently I have established a studio in Yucatan, Mexico where I strive to channel a more directly informed historical and universal creative spirit that reflects a holistic vision for our times.